Market prospect:

In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy of olive oil in the Chinese market has been gradually mature, has the high health and beauty began to gradually accepted by Chinese consumers, large high quality olive oil potential in China

Markets are also expanding. China is set to become the world's largest consumer of high quality olive oil, and for businesses with a keen sense of the market, cutting into the olive oil industry is surely the best time.

Product introduction:

"Auspicious" Ann the olive oil olive fruit grow in Italy of raw materials, production sites in Italy, bottling, filling cans in Italy, meet the three conditions of the Italian government allowed on filling in the final container sticker can be printed on Italy

The national flag of Libya, which shows that this is an Italian product, can be reported to the Italian government embassy in Beijing and the consulate of the Italian government.


  • 1 The high quality edible oil market is the inevitable trend of the future development, and the knowledgeable people with insight are the partners of the "andi" brand.
  • 2 A business entity with legal personality and a natural person with a certain economic strength.
  • 3 Have certain business experience and management experience.
  • 4 Have long-term cooperation intention and good reputation and reputation.

Franchise mode

1、Based on the regional general distribution mode, according to the regional size requirements proposed by the dealers (the maximum regional level, the minimum regional level of the county level), the dealer knows the policy of the negotiation.

2、Free distribution, year-end rebate, maximum profit and development space support regional distribution.

3、Give guidance to high-end olive oil sales methods and reduce the cost of sale.

4、The opening of the poster supports the promotion of the purchase of the products to a certain number of advertising support, and the full anniversary of the promotion price support.

Join operation:

1、Join the application form (click here to download)

2、The company shall conduct the audit and meet and negotiate when necessary.

3、Sign the agreement and sign the first purchase contract at the same time.

4、Receive payment and prepare delivery