Teach you 7 ways to use olive oil best skin care!


If you have ever used olive oil to remove makeup, you must have experienced the magic power of olive oil!Olive oil is specific and very good hairdressing effect, it can moist skin, prevent skin dry, dry crack.Especially now that you're entering the dry season, your skin needs more moisture.

7 steps to use olive oil:

1. Makeup remover:

When discharge makeup, drop a few olive oil to go up in the finger, massage gently with point abdomen, reoccupy steam face implement or towel apply face, can remove the dirt that the naked eye cannot see inside pore, increase skin burnish and flexibility, nourish skin, purify fine furrow.

2. Daily lip care:

When the weather turns cold suddenly, when cold or intestines and stomach are not good, lip of some people regular meeting is dry crack, at this moment, outside paying attention to water, want to brush only on olive oil to be able to solve a problem.Hold it for two or three days to get your lips back on the shine.Apply a small amount of olive oil to lips with cotton swab, which is beneficial to retain moisture, eliminate and delay the appearance of lip lines, and prevent lip peeling and splitting.Weather turns cold suddenly, cold or intestines and stomach is not good, regular meeting is labial desquamation split anguish, want to brush only a few this article, after two or three days can make labial change again smooth.

3. Daily skin care:

Besmear in clean facial ministry skin surface olive oil, massage facial ministry gently, let its absorb adequately, be beneficial to maintain moisture and nourish skin so, reoccupy hot towel applies a face, the dirt inside can purify pore can make skin burnish is exquisite and rich flexibility, eliminate wrinkle and spot or make spot of color become weak, slow skin ageing.

4. Regular hair care:

After washing hair, a small amount of this product is injected into the washbasin, once rinsed, the oil will be evenly attached to the hair, or drop in the palm of the palm directly fine fine brush into the hair, often used to make the hair become shiny and beautiful, prevent the hair yellow fork.Olive oil contains vitaminic B and E, daub of right amount olive oil is on the hair, massage gently, make the hair absorbs nutrient adequately, wrap with towel next, wait for neuter shampoo fluid to wash the hair after an hour, you can have beautiful beautiful smooth hair.At the same time also can prevent hair loss, oil, dandruff, anti - drying and hair slightly split, if you can adhere to once a week, the effect is better.

5. Olive oil bath:

At the same time, add 5 to 10 ml of olive oil and gently stir with your hands to blend the oil and water.To remove dirt, activate muscles and bones, eliminate fatigue, long-term adhere to make the skin moist and elastic.

6. Anti-cracking and anti-itching:

In the dry autumn and winter, can prevent skin chapped and sebum secretion too little caused itching, can also care for the baby's skin, in the baby armpit buttocks and other places on the product, can prevent the baby's skin by urine or sweat flooded;Baby parts of the body are red (prickly heat), rub the affected areas with olive oil can quickly recover.

7, anti-wrinkle

Usage: canthus grain, deal with annoying fine grain, crow's feet grain or eye ministry fine grain, can use 2 drops of olive oil to add a little aloe glue to mix well after wipe at fine grain place, once besmear absorbed, do not see grain immediately (go out when need not wash can go up directly makeup);Stretch marks, with a spoonful of olive oil rub stretch marks, gently massage, long-term adhere to remove stretch marks, or make it shallow.